Recipe: Offal stew with vegetables and lentils

Offal is somewhat neglected in our diet, but it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. If occasionally on the table, it is highly recommended, especially if it comes from naturally fed animals. Children grouch a little, but they eat a piece or two. 🙂

This excellent offal stew with lentils and I prepare as follows: first I saute chopped onion, add 1 dl red wine and cook until completely vaporized. Then I add finely chopped offal, cook for about 5 minutes and then add sliced carrot, paprika, celery and about 1 liter of hot water, in which I dissolve 1 tsp Biogetta. I add lentils to make the soup more nutritious. Alternatively, you could add dumplings. I cook for 20 minutes, then thicken the soup with a tea spoon of flour and tomato puree, which I mix with a little water. Another 10 minutes and the soup is ready!

This excellent soup goes well with pancakes, dumplings or some sweet souffle. Bon Appetit!