Organic Chicken Spice Blend
Organic Chicken Spice Blend

Organic Chicken Spice Blend

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Organic Chicken Spice Blend is excellent on chicken and potatoes as well as in all kinds of vegetable and meat dishes. In addition to the excellent taste, it adds all the useful substances of cannabis to your meal.

What is it made of

Our Organic Chicken Spice Blend is prepared from locally and organically grown hemp flour and herbs that are mixed with traditional hand-harvested sea salt from the Piran saltpans, which is unrefined and contains only natural iodine. The herbs are ground just before the production, and the seasoning salts Barbio’s are thus distinguished by unique, superior taste and smell.

The hemp is a rich source of protein, it contains three times more protein than soybean. The seed contains all eight vital amino acids and their ratio is ideal for the human body because it helps in the formation of antibodies and strengthening the immune system.

Perfect for baked chicken, hearty casseroles, soufflés, vegetable dishes, buckwheat with meat and vegetables …

Ingredients: Traditional sea salt from Piran saltpans, hemp flour*, herbs*(bay leaf*, thyme*, marjoram*, garlic*)

To use: season your chicken or potatoes with this excelent spice blend as you would with plain salt to get the heavenly taste. You need nothing else.

Net weight: 75 g / 2.65 oz

* From certified organic origin

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