About Us


I remember my grandmother and her big garden, where I often helped her as a little girl, growing the vegetables and harvesting the crops. She always carefully processed and stored the surplus for home canning: jams, pickles, frozen fruits and vegetables, salt-preserved foods … all completely natural and without any additives!

Thus arose the idea for my first product – Biogetta. The recipe I created myself and for many years I have been preparing it for my home kitchen, because I did not like any similar substitutes available in the shops. Since Biogetta is really excellent and natural product, I am now making it also for you. Above all, I want to offer it to all the mothers, because it will make cooking for their babies easier and without any artificial additives (glutamates, preservatives, coloring agents and the like).


My products are created so that they make cooking at home easier and faster. Homemade food is incomparably better and healthier than industrially prepared because we know exactly what it contains: how many and which fats, meat, vegetables, salt, spices, etc. we used during cooking. With the addition of Biogetta or our organic herbal salts, cooking gets simpler and the taste just incredible! There are no more excuses not to eat tasty and healthy food.

Ever since childhood, I liked to make a mess in the kitchen, which my mother was not too happy about. Since I had become more aware of the problems of pollution, pesticides and healthy eating, I have been very involved in this area. Especially after the birth of my two children, I realized that our food determines how we live as well as what kind of diseases and allergies bother us and how we fight them from our birth. As a child, I lived in the countryside and plenty of healthy, locally produced food was always available, especially during the warm time of the year.


All Barbio’s products are carefully prepared according to our own recipes and made from quality organic vegetables and herbs. We strive to produce our products from organic ingredients that are locally grown, mainly in Slovenia. The herbs and vegetables are therefore immediately used, without the long transportation and storage, during which a majority of vitamins, minerals, and other healthy substances are lost. We have agreed with some of the local organic farms to produce organic vegetables and herbs for us to ensure the best possible quality.

  • Organic farm Hiška zelišč
  • Organic farm Podkubovšek
  • Organic farm Pr'Malnar
  • Organic farm Šlibar
  • Organic Spice Farm Grilc
  • Nature's Smile
  • Zeleni zabojček
  • Piran Saltplants