Naturally Fermented Spread Wild Popeye
Naturally Fermented Spread Wild Popeye

Naturally Fermented Spread Wild Popeye

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In the Wild Popeye spread, the nourishing power of spinach is combined with the excellent taste of hazelnuts, which is why we sometimes call it the "green Nutella". To enhance the health benefits of the spread, we added dandelion and cold-pressed organic sunflower oil.

Why choose organic Biogetta Naturally Fermented Wild Herb Spreads

  • Wholesome, nutritious, delicious spreads
  • Made of wild plants that are harvested in nature and used fresh
  • Contain nuts and seeds rich in energy and nutrients
  • Rich in dietary fibers, vitamins and minerals
  • Naturally fermented, for a longer shelf life and increased biological value
  • Vegan & raw
  • Harvested and hand-made in the EU

Fermented products have multiple beneficial effects on digestion and health and help us better digest and absorb the food we eat. Naturally preserved, fermented foods have a longer shelf life and a distinctive rich flavor. They contain a number of microorganisms that contribute to the diversity of the intestinal microflora.

However, heat-treated fermented foods no longer contain live microorganisms, so the spreads we eat fresh are an even greater treasure for our health.

To use: Spread on bread or toast, it is especially tasty with a slice of cheese or fresh cheese spread. Adding a little cream or butter and a pinch of organic Mediterranean salt to it can make a great sauce for our Biogetta pasta. A spoonful of spread enriches various stewed vegetables, such as green beans, zucchini, eggplant, cauliflower… Add the spread at the end of cooking, just to warm up.


Net Content: 135 g / 4.76 oz
Ingredients: spinach*, dandelion*, hazelnuts*, cold-pressed sunflower oil*, sea salt

* From certified organic production.
May contain traces of nuts and celery. 

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