Naturally Fermented Spread Yellow Flower
Naturally Fermented Spread Yellow Flower

Naturally Fermented Spread Yellow Flower

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Yellow Flower is an excellent spread made from two yellow flowering plants: dandelion and sunflower. Dandelion greens are enriched with sunflower seeds and processed into a spread that we can enjoy all year round.

Why choose organic Biogetta Naturally Fermented Wild Herb Spreads

  • Wholesome, nutritious, delicious spreads
  • Made of wild plants that are harvested in nature and used fresh
  • Contain nuts and seeds rich in energy and nutrients
  • Rich in dietary fibers, vitamins and minerals
  • Naturally fermented, for a longer shelf life and increased biological value
  • Vegan & raw
  • Harvested and hand-made in the EU

Fermented products have multiple beneficial effects on digestion and health and help us better digest and absorb the food we eat. Naturally preserved, fermented foods have a longer shelf life and a distinctive rich flavor. They contain a number of microorganisms that contribute to the diversity of the intestinal microflora.

However, heat-treated fermented foods no longer contain live microorganisms, so the spreads we eat fresh are an even greater treasure for our health.

To use: Spread on bread or toast, it is especially tasty with a slice of cheese or fresh cheese spread. Adding a little cream or butter and a pinch of organic Mediterranean salt to it can make a great sauce for our Biogetta pasta. A spoonful of spread enriches various stewed vegetables, such as green beans, zucchini, eggplant, cauliflower… Add the spread at the end of cooking, just to warm up.


Net Content: 135 g / 4.76 oz
Ingredients: dandelion*, sunflower seeds , flax seeds*, cold-pressed sunflower oil*, sea salt

* From certified organic production.
May contain traces of nuts and celery.

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