Organic Buckwheat Flowers
Organic Buckwheat Flowers

Organic Buckwheat Flowers

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Biogetta pasta is characterized by a high protein content. They are suitable for athletes and anyone who avoids gluten or is gluten intolerant. They are very nutritious, wholesome and rich in dietary fibre.

 100% Natural:

  • High protein content
  • Nutritious, filling and easily digestible
  • Quickly and easily cooked
  • Made in the EU

Excellent Organic Buckwheat Flowers are made from 100% organic buckwheat flour. They taste great and are suitable for all types of sauces, which, due to their shape, adhere nicely.

Buckwheat is a nutrient-rich and healthy grain that does not contain gluten. Buckwheat flowers are prepared quickly. They are very good with fried onions (vegan method of preparation) or with cracklings. They also go very well with mushroom soup or in combination with barley coffee.


    Net Content: 300 g / 10.58 oz
    To use: cook for 2-3 minutes until al-dente
    Ingredients: 100% buckwheat flour


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