Organic Cranberry Salt
Organic Cranberry Salt

Organic Cranberry Salt

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The cranberry salt is excellent for refreshing salads of all kinds, and it is also recommended for beef, venison, sweet cabbage …

Cranberries add the refreshing taste of Barbio’s new seasoning mix.

In Bio Cranberry Salt, cranberries add the herbs a refreshing taste, and the salt is a perfect seasoning mix for all kinds of salads, beef, venison, red cabbage and other dishes to your taste.

What is Bio Cranberry Salt made of

The Bio Cranberry Salt is made from traditional sea salt, home-made spices and 100% cranberry powder. Cranberries are hand-picked in nature and dried whole. They are rich with vitamins, minerals and fiber. They contain a lot of vitamins C, E, A, B1, B2, B3 and K. The important minerals are sodium, potassium, calcium, manganese, magnesium and phosphorus. They are also a powerful antioxidant.
Herbs are grounded just before the processing, so Barbio’s herbal salts have a unique, top-quality aroma and taste. The cranberry salt is prepared according to our own recipe, and it gives you an unforgettable taste in your cooking masterpieces.

Ingredients: hand-harvested traditional sea salt, cranberries*, herbs* (parsley,* basil*, garlic*, thyme*, mint*, a mixture of meadow flowers*: primroses*, violets*, dandelion flowers*, daisies*, marigold*)

To use: season any salad to taste

Net weight: 80 g

* From certified organic origin