Organic Provence Salt
Organic Provence Salt

Organic Provence Salt

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The thought of Provence conjures up the scent of herbs, especially lavender. Rich herb production is also reflected in the local cuisine. Southern sun provides the taste for tomatoes, artichokes and aubergines, which constitute the basis for a number of vegetable dishes. Aioli, tapenade, ratatouille, bouillabaisse, soupe au pistoustari are the most typical Provençal cuisine culinary tradition. Thyme, savory, oregano, lavender and fennel are emerging in all specialties.

Bio Provencal salt is prepared from locally and organically grown herbs that are blended with traditional hand-harvested sea salt from the Piran saltpans. This salt is unrefined, rich in minerals and contains only natural iodine. The herbs are ground just before the production, and the seasoning salts Barbio’s are thus distinguished by unique, superior taste and smell. Try our Organic Provence salt and conjure the wonderful flavors of Provence at home.

To use: perfect for hearty casseroles, soufflés, vegetable dishes, hearty salads, buckwheat with meat and vegetables …

Ingredients: Hand-harvested traditional sea from Piran saltpans, herbs* (savory*, oregano*, thyme*, rosemary*, basil*, lavender*, sage*, fennel*)

Net Weight: 75 g / 2.65 oz

* From certified organic origin

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