Organic Spelt Tagliatelle
Organic Spelt Tagliatelle

Organic Spelt Tagliatelle

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Biogetta pasta is very nutritious, wholesome and rich in dietary fibre.

 100% Natural:

  • Nutritious, filling and easily digestible
  • Quickly and easily cooked
  • Hand-made in the EU

Excellent Organic Spelt Tagliatelle is made from homemade organic whole grain spelt flour and water. The spelt is ground in a home mill. They taste great and are suitable for all types of sauces.

Spelt is an ancient variety of wheat that is rich in protein, fibre and vitamins, and at the same time has a lower gluten content than wheat.


    Net Content: 300 g / 10.58 oz
    To use: cook for 4-3 minutes until al-dente
    Ingredients: 100% whole grain spelt flour


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